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The AI that makes a difference.

Envisioning a world in which AI makes a difference in companies and the society.


How we create value

Every company and organisation is producing data, both as a result of administrative processes and as part of their daily interaction with customers and partners. Today, this data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset, where one could create substantial actionable insight when the data is understood and leveraged to its full potential.

Combient MIX helps companies to tap into this extremely valuable asset and generate tangible business value from data. There are three areas of focus for every company to make sure you are positioned to become an insight driven organisation.

Build a deep understanding of data by creating hands on experience across the business

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Enablement as a  Service

Our hands on, contextualised programs where we create applied knowledge and competency about data, enabling companies capture value from their data assets and use-cases

Have access to a core set of deep level AI expertise to complement your subject matter experts


 Competency as a Services

Our best in class competency will augment company's on competency to secure the possibility to move all the way from proof of concept to scaled out production of AI  solutions to bring out the real business value from data

Have access to high quality data, not only in house, but also across out the Company's eco systems and value chains 

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Data as a Service

Our data exchange platform specifically designed for enabling value-chains and eco systems where industrial use-cases can happen and  in which companies maintain control of their own data. 

Our track record

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