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Data and Analytics Transformation

One of the bigger challenges in digital transformation is to move towards a data driven way of working within all areas of the business. Many companies have to date built centers of competency around advanced analytics to create the foundation for converting data to business value. But equally many companies are struggling with how to leverage such a central team to overcome the wall of PoC and start delivering tangible value to the business.

Combient Mix has developed a methodology we call Analytics Transformation, where we work with our customers to build a data driven capability within the organisation taking stand in use cases relevant for the business. By choosing the right use cases, building the needed technical and structural capabilities in an agile manor, we combine achieving proper business value with building the right ways of working, procedures and skill sets to become a data driven organisation. 

The end goal of Analytic Transformation is to have the right capabilities in place, where the business understands what data can do for them, the central team of advanced analytics will be an integral part of the business strategy, and the data strategy will be an integral part of the business strategy.

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Enabling workforces at scale

To truly reach scale companies requires an educated and hands-on workforce working with data and AI. This means the use of data and AI needs to be democratized across the company and these technologies are used across the organizations. 
We provide in-context, business-driven, applied, and hands-on programs that take advantage of our expertise developing the same solutions in the Combient network to help companies scale their AI expertise across the ogranisation.

Capturing value from AI 

Mix works with leading Nordic enterprises and focuses on capturing value from their data and AI. We provide the expertise and know-how needed to analyze, build and scale machine learning models. 
Our executing on company's data strategy and developing technical solutions based on machine learning to capture value from the available data.

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About us

Mission: Accelerate the creation of value from Data and AI

Here at Combient Mix, our focus is to create value through execution and collaboration.

We are a technology and value-focused company, working with large Nordic enterprises helping them accelerate their journey to become data and insights-driven. 

Mix is part of the Combient group and was founded in 2019 together with SEB and Scandinavian Airlines. 

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