Data Engineer

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We are looking for Data Engineers and Senior Data Engineers to join our team and to continue the development of a data-driven ecosystem in the Combient sphere and beyond.

Our Data Engineers typically have a broad set of technical skills including a deep knowledge of SQL database design, multiple programming languages and a love of well-formed structured data files. A Senior Data Engineer at Combient Mix also likes to work across different departments and understands what it is the business leaders want. You are more than able to translate a ten-minute conversation with the head of sales into solid technical requirements and concrete engineering tasks.

A Combient Mix Data Engineer is well versed in the more traditional aspects of the work, but we expect you to be just as familiar with more recent developments. In short, we expect you to be just as happy building an ETL pipeline for a data warehouse as you are serving machine learning models to real-time recommendation systems. Your feet are firmly planted on the ground, but you are just as at home in the cloud. Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud Platform are all very familiar to you.

So, if you can show us a thing or two with Airflow, define Python functions in your sleep, chew through terabytes of data with Spark and help a data scientist get started with Jupyter Notebooks and Tensorflow, and you can do all this whilst imparting your knowledge to others and being the mentor others look up to, you are just the person we are looking for. If you also share our values curiosity, collaboration, openness and fun, we believe that you will thrive with the colleagues at Combient Mix.